Partnering with mission-driven CEOs to…

increase profits,

improve employee retention,

make a bigger impact,

and live a life you love!

Providing tools for leaders to empower their team members to…

be confident,

know their worth,

understand their value,

believe in themselves,

and achieve their goals!

Why Lindsay?

Lindsay started as a mental health therapist and solopreneur.

As she lived out her purpose, she created a multimillion dollar company, serving hundreds of clients each week with incredible team members who believed in themselves as much as they believed in their clients.

Lindsay provides Elite CEO Coaching and the Being Your Best Self program to support you in expanding into your greatest potential, while living a life you love.

Ways to Work With Lindsay

Elite CEO Coaching

Elite CEO Coaching is for CEOs and business leaders. Through this coaching, you will expand into your greatest potential, increasing your impact and your profits, while living a life you truly love. Lindsay will challenge you and hold you accountable to being the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally. As you grow, your employees will grow, your company will grow, your impact will expand, and you will exceed your highest vision.

Being Your Best Self For Businesses

Being Your Best Self for Businesses is for business owners to offer to their employees. Through this program you will improve the well-being of your employees, thereby increasing your company’s productivity, creativity, teamwork, sales, and profits. As your employees participate in this customized, self-paced, online course, they will grow tremendously. You will see happier, more positive team members, higher employee retention rates, and improved communication.

Being Your Best Self For Individuals

Being Your Best Self for Individuals is for people who want to be happier, more confident, and more successful. You will participate in a personalized, self-paced, online course that will transform your life. Through this college-level self-help course, you will change negative self-talk and thinking patterns, improve your relationship with others, learn to truly love yourself, and be more successful in achieving your goals.

What People are Saying About Lindsay

“Your creative, caring, and insightful approach to mental health and emotional well-being makes you and your work a standout in the field. Anyone lucky enough to participate with you is bound to make progress toward becoming the very best version of themselves.”

Sue A.
Saratoga, CA

“Your passion and determination is contagious! Thank you for everything you have shared with me. All of your support and guidance has allowed me to be truly grateful for each and every day.”

Christina S.
Ridgefield, WA